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cloud desktop Ls Series virtual machine  in Chennai, Hyderabad, andhra, India, tamilnadu

cloud desktop Ls Series virtual machine

Storage optimized virtual machinesThe latest Lsv2-series features high throughput, low latency, directly mapped local NVMe storage. The Lsv2 VMs run on the AMD EPYC™ 7551 processor with an all core boost of 2.55GHZ up to a 3.0GHz single core boost. The Lsv2 series VMs offer up to 80 vCPUs in a hyper-threaded configuration, with 8 GiB of memory per vCPU and up to 19.2TB (10x1.92TB) available directly to the VM. The Ls-series VMs are storage optimized. These are ideal for applications requiring low latency, high throughput, and large local disk storage. These VMs are built on Intel Haswell processor technology, specifically E5 Xeon v3 processors with 4, 8, 16, and 32 core VM sizes. Ls-series VMs support up to 6 TB of local SSD and offer unmatched storage I/O performance. Example use cases include NoSQL databases such as Cassandra, MongoDB, Cloudera, and Redis. Data warehousing applications and large transactional databases are great use cases as well.