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LaCie 2TB Mobile STHM2000400 SSD in Chennai, Hyderabad, andhra, India, tamilnadu

LaCie 2TB Mobile STHM2000400 SSD

3-year limited warrantyDigital You: Boosted. Only At AppleLike a shot of espresso straight to your digital self, LaCie® Mobile SSDoffers fast backup for the moments that matter most. With up to 2TBcapacity, no photo is sacrificed. With wide compatibility, versatility isn’t aquestion. With a unique diamond-cut design, style is not overlooked. Andwith up to 540MB/s of go-go-go speed, no space or time is ever wasted.Think Fast With an External SSD.Collaborate seamlessly, browse photos smoothly, and edit video faster inapps like iMovie, QuickTime, Final Cut Pro, and Aperture.Edit from the drive with zero lagTransfer an hour of video or thousands of high-res images in lessthan a minute.1,2,3Enjoy Robust Capacity.In this era of external SSDs, you don't need to sacrifice precious space.LaCie Mobile SSD gives you up to 2TB capacity.Keep up to 200K high-res photos.2Store up to 65 hours of videos.3Lightweight. Heavy on Style.For over 30 years we’ve proven that backup can be more than a tool—itcan be an exquisite solution. We’re celebrating this expertise andcommitment with an exclusive diamond-cut anniversary design.Space gray complements your Macbook.All-aluminum design is lightweight yet solid.Diamond-cut edges reveal tone and texture.Rest Easy With a 3-Year Warranty and Rescue Plan.From the studio, to the office, to home, life happens. If disaster strikes,recovery of your data is vital. Our data recovery team has your back with a95% customer satisfaction rating. If your drive needs replacing, our 3-yearlimited warranty means we’ll replace it at no extra cost.41 Data rates may vary depending on operating environment, interface, and capacity.2 Based on the average image size of digital cameras (10MB).3 On average, 1 hour of 4K 30fps compressed footage creates 30GB of data.4 Eligible for 1 in-lab data recovery attempt during the term of coverage. For moreinformation, visit External SSDSpecificationsRetail Packaging Product Dimensions Box Dimensions Master Carton Dimensions Pallet DimensionsLength (in/mm) 0.354 in/9 mm 1.28 in/32.5 mm 5.709 in/145 mm 47.992 in/1,219 mmWidth (in/mm) 3.085 in/78.36 mm 4.114 in/104.5 mm 5.236 in/133 mm 40.118 in/1,019 mmDepth (in/mm) 3.872 in/98.36 mm 5.65 in/143.5 mm 4.173 in/106 mm 43.819 in/1,113 mmWeight (lb/kg) 0.22 lb/0.1 kg 0.441 lb/0.2 kg 1.984 lb/0.9 kg 813.506 lb/369 kgQuantitiesBoxes per Master Carton 4Master Cartons per Pallet 384Pallet Layers 8System RequirementsComputer with a USB-C, USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 portLatest version of Mac OS® 10.11 or later / Latest version of Windows 7 or laterMinimum free disk space: 600MB recommendedWhat's IncludedLaCie® Mobile SSDUSB-C (USB 3.1 10Gb/s) cableUSB-C to USB-A cableQuick Install GuideRegion Model Number Capacity ColourLimited Warranty(years)UPC Code EAN Code Multi-Pack UPC NotesWW STHM500400 500GB Space Gray 3 763649131725 3660619405497 10763649131722 SSD, Apple onlyWW STHM1000400 1TB Space Gray 3 763649131749 3660619405510 10763649131746 SSD, Apple onlyWW STHM2000400 2TB Space Gray 3 763649131763 3660619405534 10763649131760 SSD, Apple only