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HOME Lacie hard disk LaCie Mobile Drive 2TB USB C Portable Drive

LaCie Mobile Drive 2TB USB C Portable Drive price Chennai, Hyderabad

LaCie Mobile Drive 2TB USB C Portable Drive
LaCie Mobile Drive 2TB USB C Portable Drive Chennai, Hyderabad

LaCie Mobile Drive 2TB
Modal number: STHG2000400
warranty: 2-year limited warranty
Sleek Design. Lavish Space.
Like an airy loft or vast landscape, LaCie Mobile Drive articulates the
beauty and importance of premium space.
With up to 5 TB of capacity, there’s room for photos, playlists, docs and
more. And with Mac, Windows, USB-C, and USB 3.0 compatibility,
access is easy. One-click or automatic backup makes file storage smooth,
and our 30th anniversary diamond cut design has an edge like no other.
More Wonder. Less Wondering.
Wherever life takes you, whichever laptops and devices you opt for,
LaCie Mobile Drive is compatible enough to keep up.
Works with Mac and Windows.
Connect to modern and future laptops via reversible USB-C.1
Connect to legacy laptops via USB 3.0 to USB-C.
More Capacity for More Memories
When it comes to our digital lives, not much tops the affection we have for
photos and videos. And these memories add up fast. LaCie Mobile Drive
offers up to 5 TB of massive on-the-go space for everything worth storing
and backing up. Even music, movies, and personal documents.
There to help you is LaCie Toolkit — easy-to-use software for one-click
backups, scheduled automatic backups, and even folder mirroring across
multiple devices.
Keep up to 500K high-resolution photos.2
Store up to 165 hours of videos.3
Fit In. Stand Out.
Sandblast finish in space grey or moon silver to complement
All-aluminium build feels light yet solid.
Diamond-cut edges reveal tone and texture.
Compact, it slips easily into your bag.
1 To achieve full interface bandwidth, connect the product to a USB-C port on a computer
or device.
2 Based on the average image size of digital cameras (10 MB)
3 On average, 1 hour of 4K 30fps compressed footage creates 30 GB of data.
Capacity 2 TB and below Product Dimensions Box Dimensions Master Carton Dimensions Pallet Dimensions
Length (in/mm) 0.393 in/10 mm 1.358/34.5 mm 9.488 in/241 mm 47.992 in/1,219 mm
Width (in/mm) 3.456 in/87.8 mm 4.724 in/120 mm 6.968 in/177 mm 40.118 in/1,019 mm
Height (in/mm) 4.787 in/121.6 mm 7.204 in/183 mm 7.362 in/187 mm 37.401 in/950 mm
Weight (lb/kg) 0.440 lb/0.2 kg 0.661 lb/0.3 kg 6.834 lb/3.1 kg 729.509 lb/330.9 kg
Capacity 4 TB and above Product Dimensions Box Dimensions Master Carton Dimensions Pallet Dimensions
Length (in/mm) 0.787 in/20 mm 1.811 in/46 mm 9.921 in/252 mm 47.992 in/1219 mm
Width (in/mm) 3.590 in/91.2 mm 4.724 in/120 mm 7.716 in/196 mm 40.118 in/1,019 mm
Height (in/mm) 4.881 in/124 mm 7.204 in/183 mm 8.070 in/205 mm 37.401 in/950 mm
Weight (lb/kg) 0.881 lb/0.4 kg 1.102 lb/0.5 kg 8.818 lb/4 kg 917.123 lb/416 kg
Boxes per Master Carton 10 (2 TB and below), 8 (4 TB and above)
Master Cartons per Pallet 96
Pallet Layers 4
System Requirements
Computer with a USB-C, USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 port
Latest version of Mac OS 10.12 or later / Latest version of Windows 10 or later
Minimum free disk space: 600 MB recommended
What's Included
LaCie Mobile Drive
USB-C (USB 3.1 10 Gb/s) cable
USB-C to USB-A cable
Quick Installation Guide
Region Model Number Capacity Colour
Limited Warranty
UPC Code EAN Code Multi-Pack UPC Notes
WW STHG1000400 1TB Moon Silver 2 763649130513 3660619404650 10763649130510 —
WW STHG2000400 2TB Moon Silver 2 763649130537 3660619404674 10763649130534 —
WW STHG2000402 2TB Space Gray 2 763649130612 3660619404759 10763649130619 Apple only
WW STHG4000400 4TB Moon Silver 2 763649130551 3660619404698 10763649130558 —
WW STHG4000402 4TB Space Gray 2 763649130636 3660619404773 10763649130633 Apple only
WW STHG5000400 5TB Moon Silver 2 763649130575 3660619404711 10763649130572 —
WW STHG5000402 5TB Space Gray 2 763649130650 3660619404797 10763649130657 Apple only